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I only sell WAV

Unlike many other producers I don’t sell mp3 licenses. That means that you get a high quality wav export with all my licenses. (Actualy you will get two, mastered and unmastered!) The reason for this is that I want your music to sound as good as possible and so that you can start making profecional sounding music right away.

I know a mp3 export can be usefull for recording and for playback on your phone. Thats why you will still receive an untaged mp3 export with every license.

Mastered vs Unmastered WAV

All my licenses come with a mastered and a unmastered wav export of the beat. The mastered version has some effects on it to make it sound louder. This is nice if you only listen to the beat, but it can make it dificut to mix in vocals. That’s why you also get the unmastered version.

I recommend to listen which version sounds best with your vocals.

If you are planning on letting your song get mixed and mastered professionally, I definitely recommend using the unmastered version of the beat.